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An AppleThe World is in 3D

Objects, buildings, cities, we are in 3D. That´s why our brain likes to comprehend something when is introduce in this way.

Wheather you need to show how an object looks like or any kind of data, is better to do that in this way. Even a trained architect eye prefers to view a 3D building rather than plans views... When things simply "doesn´t exist" we have to model them to view how they will work.

.Indent style menu

Choose your options:

  • Detailed models
  • Simplified models to be shown trough Google Earth.
  • Still views or Animated Videos.
  • Schemathics or Photographic Textured Models.
  • Other (tell me..)

The best investment is to generate your own 3D objects and dispose of them as you want.

Diferents styles:

Itaipu Dam

Google Earth Optimized

Itaipú Dam

This complex model made for Google Earth only weights 1MB and due to that optimized poligon count, downloads very quickly when you watch it in Google Earth.

ApplesPhotographic Render

Photo Realistic Office

This are premium products. There´s a huge lighting computation that brings us the possibility of this kind of images.

Itaipu Dam

Complex Scenarios

Oil Rig

Very complex models shown in this way are optimal for making animations. Photo realistic animations are sensitive expensive due to processing times.


Realistic Terrain

This is a mixture of technics. Photorealism, terrain modeling, integration with 3D simple models. This is optimal for arquitchtural demostrations.